The new Dolce & Gabanna 2012 Campaing  features actress Monica Bellucci and models Bianca Balti and Simone Nobili as members of an impeccably stylish yet traditional family from picturesque Portofino, Italy. 
The Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2012 ad campaign was inspired by Italian beauty and its female cinema star icons: Anna Magnani, Monica Vitti and especially Sofia Loren, women endowed with authentic charm and who personify seduction and comfort at the same time.

The shots  represent the beauty of the country of Italy in their sun drenched warmth and seaside splendor.  In some photos the characters are more natural and casual together and in others, the members of the group pose rather wistfully as if for a retro family portrait.   

I love this shoot with the Italian atmosphereItalian spirit, tradition, family,  love, passion and the ability to capture the modernity of the past and to render it contemporary. 

 I would love to be in Italy right now...