JUNE 15, 2012 / FASHION



I wanna share with you  my must have pieces in closet for spring/summer season in south countries ( like Latvia, Russia, Scandinavian). I'm a big fan of classic style and I like to invest money in a base items, which i can wear in different outfits, few seasons adding a new accessories or shirt/ top.  If you run after the latest fashion, you spend a lot of money and every season you have to update your wardrobe.  Having a base items in the closet will help  you with the most popular women question - What I can wear?

So let's start:  
  1. Blazer Universal piece in closet. You can dress it up with generally everything, it makes your look classic or casual.
  2. Leather jacket are always in fashion  and make you look stylish reflecting you own stylesense.  Since the time leather jackets entered the fashion arena they have never left then. Leather jackets can fit for anyone’s style, police to punks, everyone finds them suitable
  3. Black pants Base piece for occasion - I don't know what to put. With the black pants you can any shirt, top and look good. I'm still truing to find the one perfect  black pants, but I have few color pants from ZARA, those fit me perfect and are good for summer time 
  4. Jeans Simple skinny jeans. for me the best is Bershka - they fit good, and the quality is good! 
  5. Top with the sleeves  I love this pieces of clothes. Anytime I don't know what to put I take this top ( it can be different colors)  with pants or jeans, blazer and you are ready to go! my favorite one is top from ZARA 100% cotton.
  6. Shorts I like to open my legs, especially during the summer, but in skirt I don't feel comfortable and free! So shorts are perfect for the hot time - different models and colors!
  7.  Black dress Everyone heard about a little black dress as a must have in closet! I like dresses, so I do have black and some other colors for  everyday wearing.
  8. Whit shirt It has too be a good quality and you'll wear it for a few seasons and make different outfits. 
  9. Simple tee / tank In summers seasons important piece of clothes. I like to have them a lot in a simple shop, like ZARA, Bershka and change every season.
  10. Pencil skirt It's a classic piece. I do have it  and I like it, but don't wear it offten.
  11. Clutch You need it when you go out for your phone, lipstick and keys! 
  12. Big shopper bag I love a big bag, where I can put everything i need! So easy to have all necessary thing in one big bag, to don't have a lot of small bags in your hands! 
  13. Black sunglasses Classic and universal piece! My second favorite model and must have - Aviator sunglasses for more casual looks.
  14. Black pumps In my wish list -  Christian Louboutin pumps. It's not for every day, but what you'll wear with the black dress?
  15. Flats - heel are good, but when you need to walk a lot, or to be on your feet long day you need flats. Very comfortable and goes with pants, shorts, dress.
  16. Sandals Necessary item in closet for summer! Different colors and models, changeable every season!