Leather is undeniably one of the hottest trends of the Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 fashion season. It comes in many colors, but black is definitely dominant. Leather is used to make dresses, trousers, coats, jackets, gloves as well as shoes, bags and even jewelry. 

Leather skirts have been a hit this spring and summer in bright colors,  but they were colored red, orange, blue, mint and other trendy hues. For fall and winter 2012/ 2013 leather skirts are mostly black. They come in shape of pencil skirts, asymmetrical ones with hemlines of various lengths.

Leather Dresses
Leather dresses have had a huge comeback recently with both stars and ordinary fashionistas wearing them to a variety of events. Mini and straight-line black leather dresses are the two really popular designs for a Fall season.

Black leather coat is quite a practical item for a colder season when rains are normal phenomena and women have to hide under waterproof garments. Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 fashion season have A or X silhouettes and finish just right at the knee line or a little higher.

Leather trousers are less popular than skirts and dresses now but we can’t deny they will be trendy during Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 season. Leather trousers come oversize and often high-waiste, but there are some skinny versions too, for women with perfect slender legs.

Leather jackets have been with us forever. Being worn with everything including evening dresses they will keep filling our wardrobes this fall. Black biker jackets, classic pieces, elongated jackets with asymmetrical cuts as well as oversized jackets. 

Leather Suits
If you are a real leather-lover you might want to try leather suits this fall. They can come both with skirts or trousers but skirted suits are much sexier. Use a belt to create a slim waistline.
Total Leather Look
Yes, we often say that denim + denim is not the best idea, but it works perfectly with black leather. Total leather look is luxurious and edgy, but can be a little too overloaded.

Leather Insets
Since leather is a hot trend of the Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 season designers have found plenty of ways to use it in their collections. One of those is incorporating leather insets into outfits made of other fabric. 

Leather Gloves
Gloves will be very fashionable during the upcoming season. They become not only necessary thing for women who live in regions with cold winter, but more stylish.
How To Wear Trendy Leather During Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 Fashion Season
To look good in leather, one has to follow a few simple rules:
- To avoid overloading your look, especially if you want to try a total leather outfit, choose pieces in classic shapes with little or no detailing. 
- Leather is a luxurious material and looks good by itself. It is already quite attention-grabbing, so adding funky accessories is not necessary.

Experiment with shapes and models to find what is the best for you! 

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