Riga Fashion Week has ended, but I think that many of us still have the positive emotions, because it was really amazing - the collections, the people, the atmosphere. So, speaking about my favorites, I really want to have in my wardrope all of Sockbox /Amoralle collection, I want to wear Katya Katya Shehurina dresses, and I also loved SuitSupply show and collection of men's clothing.
SuitSupply is currently the largest and most modern business style men's clothing store in Latvia from Netherlands! The spring/summer 2013 collection - perfect clothes for modern city man! 

KatyaKatya Shehurina Spring/Summer 2013
The new spring-summer collection is dedicated to Katie Shehurinoy Wallis Simpsons, the one femme fatale Edward VIII gave up the royal throne for. Each dress is laborious manual work: lace, silk and translucent -  all that makes a woman feel light, gracious and desirable. I can image myself marring in one of this dress! Sp feminine, so beautiful! 

Amoralle - a story of love, sexuality and femininity! SS 2013 collection erases the border that separates splendid evening dresses from refined boudoir outfits. Sensitive night gowns with underlining waist lines, ethereal silk pyjamas with open shoulders, tight pattern corsets and bodysuits in combination with refined stockings bring royal splendor into a bedroom. So sexy ... So amoralle ...!!! 

Photos:Facebook / Riga Fashion Week by Mark Litvyakoff